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Lectionary sermons on the Gospel of Luke. Links to biblical exegesis. Also children's sermons, hymn lists, and hymn stories coordinated with the lectionary readings.




Sermons: The Gospel of Luke



Sermons for Luke 1


Luke 1:26-38 A Faithful Response (McLarty)

Luke 1:26-38 When the Angel Leaves the Room (Hyde)

Luke 1:26-38 The Rebirth of Images (Hoffacker)

Luke 1:26-38 Two Responses; One Sovereign God (McLarty)

Luke 1:26-55 Mary's Complaint (Leininger)


Luke 1:35-45 With God Nothing Is Impossible (Kegel)

Luke 1:39-45 Making a Place for Hospitality (Entrekin)

Luke 1:39-55 This Magnificent Mess (Anders)

Luke 1:39-55 The Song of Divine Triumph (Hoffacker)

Luke 1:46-49 Mary Sings (Gerhardy)


Luke 1:68-79 Repent and Behold (Kegel)

Luke 1:68-79 Preparing the Way (Wagner)

Luke 1:68-79 Zechariah's Song (McLarty)



Sermons for Luke 2


Luke 2:1-14 Christmas Colors (Zingale)

Luke 2:1-20 Mary's Story (Sanders)

Luke 2:1-20 The Eternal Houdini (Hoffacker)

Luke 2:1-20 Straight to Bethlehem (Molin)

Luke 2:1-20 Good, But Not Safe (Hoffacker)

Luke 2:1-20 When Heaven Came Down (Hyde)

Luke 2:1-20 Christmas Peace (Kegel)

Luke 2:1-20 Christmas Season (Wigmore)

Luke 2:1-20 Christmas: Not a Day but a Season (Bedingfield)

Luke 2.1-20 O Holy Night (McLarty)

Luke 2:1-20 Good News of Great Joy (Brettell)


Luke 2:15-21 Naming Jesus (Bedingfield)

Luke 2:15-21 The Name of Jesus on Our Lips (Hoffacker)


Luke 2:22-40 There Was a Man Whose Name Was Simeon (Molin)

Luke 2:22-40 The Rest of the Story (Kegel)

Luke 2:22-40 A Pattern Far Better (Hoffacker)

Luke 2:22-40, Bucket List (London)


Luke 2:41-52 Fast Forward (Molin)

Luke 2:41-52 The Perfect Child (Gerhardy)

Luke 2:41-52 Why Have You Treated Us So? (McLarty)

Luke 2:52 Growing in Grace (McLarty)

Luke 2:41-52, Holy Hijinx (London)



Sermons for Luke 3


Luke 3:1-6 A Political Season (Hoffacker)

Luke 3:1-6 All Flesh (Hyde)

Luke 3:1-6 A Highway Fit for a King (McLarty)

Luke 3:1-6 One Shock after Another (Leininger)

Luke 3:1-6 God's Coming (McLarty)


Luke 3:7-18 Find a Need and Fill It (Hoffacker)

Luke 3:7-18 Hospitality from the Margins (Entrekin)

Luke 3:7-18 Good News, Bad News (Molin)

Luke 3:7-18 What Should We Do? (Hoffacker)

Luke 3:7-18 What Shall We Do? (McLarty)


Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 Not Water Only (Kegel)

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 Terms of Endearment (Leininger)

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 Come, Holy Spirit, Come (Brettell)

Luke 3:15-22 Obedience (Hyde)

Luke 3:15-22 Good News Is Bad News Is Good News (McLarty)



Sermons for Luke 4


Luke 4:1-13 The Desert Will Blossom (Hoffacker)

Luke 4:1-13 Tourist or Pilgrim? (Hoffacker)

Luke 4:1-13 According to the Scriptures (Hyde)

Luke 4:1-13 Attracted to Power (Entrekin)

Luke 4:1-13 Trials, Tests, and Temptations (Brettell)


Luke 4:14-21 The Mission Statement of Jesus (Hoffacker)

Luke 4:14-21 Out and In (Hyde)

Luke 4:14-21 Agenda for Jesus (Kegel)

Luke 4:14-21 When Preaching Turns To Meddlin’ (McLarty)

Luke 4:14-30 Jesus’ First Sermon (McLarty)

Luke 4:14-30, Good News Gone Bad (London)


Luke 4:21-30 Not Just Inside (Kegel)

Luke 4:21-30 What About Us? (Molin)

Luke 4:21-30 In and Out (Hyde)

Luke 4:21-30 Infinite Circles (Hoffacker)



Sermons for Luke 5


Luke 5:1-11 Why I Stopped Fishing in a Parking Lot (Molin)

Luke 5:1-11 First, You Have to Row a Little Boat (Wagner)

Luke 5:1-11 Foolish Invitations (Hoffacker)

Luke 5:8-11 Encounter with the Divine (Gerhardy)

Luke 5:1-11, Put Out into the Deep (McLarty)



Sermons for Luke 6


Luke 6:12-21 Are You Blessed? (McLarty)

Luke 6:17-26 Just a Plain Sermon (Molin)

Luke 6:17-26 The Power of the Victim (Hoffacker)

Luke 6:17-26 With Jesus You Don't Need Buttons (Amon)

Luke 6:17-49 Ancient Biblical Hospitality for Today (Entrekin)




Luke 6:20-31 Jesus' Third Way (Hoffacker)


Luke 6:27-36 Unimaginable Love (Wagner)

Luke 6:27-38 Pay-Back Time (Leininger)


Luke 6:39-49



Sermons for Luke 7


Luke 7:1-10 Such Faith as This (McLarty)

Luke 7:1-10 Noticeable Faith (Robb)


Luke 7:11-17 I Believe in Miracles (McLarty)

Luke 7:11-17 When Grief Turns to Fear (Hyde)


Luke 7:36 - 8:3 That Kind of Woman (Stevenson)

Luke 7:36 - 8:3 Saved by Faith (Kegel)

Luke 7:36-50 The Woman Who Washed Jesus' Feet (Leininger)



Sermons for Luke 8


Luke 8:26-39 What's in a Name (Stevenson)

Luke 8:26-39 Christ and Chaos (Hyde)



Sermons for Luke 9


Luke 9:29-31 Encouragement (Gerhardy)

Luke 9:28-36 The Greatest Miracle (Gerhardy)

Luke 9:28-36 The Radiance of God (McLarty)


Luke 9:28-43a A Redeemed Face (Hoffacker)

Luke 9:28-43a It's Better Higher Up! (Tilleraas)

Luke 9:28-43a Mountain Tops in Our Faith (Brettell)


Luke 9:51-62 The Unexpected Call (Hoffacker)

Luke 9:51-62 Ban the Buts (Leininger)

Luke 9:51-62 Don't Look Back (McLarty)



Sermons for Luke 10


Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 A Guide for Ministers (Kegel)

Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 Do Not Be Afraid (Hoffacker)

Luke 10:1-2, 17-18 Words and Deeds (Gerhardy)


Luke 10:25-37 The First and Foremost Samaritan(Hoffacker)

Luke 10:25-37 Nothing More To Say (Hyde)

Luke 10:25-37 Parable of the Good Samaritan (Condon)

Luke 10:25-37 Parable of the Good Samaritan (McLarty)

Luke 10:25-37 Seeing Our Neighbors (Brettell)

Luke 10:25-37 See, Feel, Act (Hoffacker)


Luke 10:38-42 Finding Our Center (Hoffacker)

Luke 10:38-42 It's All In the Timing (Hyde)

Luke 10:38-42 Overworked and Underpaid (Kegel)

Luke 10:38-42 Mary and Martha (McLarty)

Luke 10:38-42 Hearing and Doing (Brettell)

Luke 10:38-42 Passionate Spirituality (Hoffacker)



Sermons for Luke 11


Luke 11:1-4 Lord, Teach Us to Pray (Gerhardy)

Luke 11:1-13 Seek and Find; Knock and Open (Molin)

Luke 11:1-13 Ready to Give (Hoffacker)

Luke 11:1-13 Those Whom God Calls (McLarty)

Luke 11:1-13 Why Do You Pray (Brettell)




Sermons for Luke 12


Luke 12:13-21 Avarice: The Disease and Its Cure (Hoffacker)

Luke 12:13-21 It's Not the Money (Leininger)

Luke 12:13-21 A New Lease on Life (Hyde)

Luke 12:13-21 Overlooking Saipan (Kegel)

Luke 12:16-20 The Parable of the Rich Fool (McLarty)


Luke 12:32-40 Make God Happy - Give Your BMW to Me (Molin)

Luke 12:32-40 Light on Your Feet (Hyde)


Luke 12:32-34 Funeral Sermon: On Losing a Giant (Molin)

See also our Funeral Homilies web page


Luke 12:49-56 Flashing Yellow Lights (Molin)

Luke 12:49-56 A Strange Sort of Peace (Molin)

Luke 12:49-52 Not Peace but Division (Gerhardy)



Sermons for Luke 13


Luke 13:1-5 When Bad Things Happen to Good People (McLarty)

Luke 13:1-9 Whose Fault Is It Anyway? (Kegel)

Luke 13:1-9 Telling the Truth (Entrekin)

Luke 13:1-9 Truth that Leads to Change (McLarty)

Luke 13:1-9, Our Way or Yahweh (London)

Luke 13:6-9 Another Year of Grace (Gerhardy)


Luke 13:10-17 Maybe Resting on the Sabbath Is Overrated (Molin)

Luke 13:10-17 Repressive Religion (Leininger)

Luke 13:10-17 Set Free (Hyde)


Luke 13:31-35 Paying Attention (Entrekin)

Luke 13:31-35 In His Own Time (Hyde)

Luke 13:31-35 Just Do It (Kegel)

Luke 13:31-35 Challenging the Foxes in Life (Brettell)



Sermons for Luke 14


Luke 14:1, 7-14 Outside the Comfort Zone (Hoffacker)

Luke 14:1, 7-14 Choose to Sit in the Back of the Bus (Molin)

Luke 14:1, 7-14 Friends in Low Places (Molin)

Luke 14:11 Upside Down and Back to Front (Gerhardy)


Luke 14:25-33 How Much Are You Willing to Give? (McLarty)

Luke 14:25-33 The Danger of Discipleship (Leininger)

Luke 14:25-33 Riot Control (Hyde)



Sermons for Luke 15


Luke 15:1-10 Jeremiah: the Judgment (Hyde)

Luke 15:1-17 The Parable of the Lost Sheep (McLarty)

Luke 15:3-7 The Ninety-Nine and One (Hyde)

Luke 15:8-10 Loose Change (Sylvester)


Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 Invited to Extend Forgiveness (Hoffacker)

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 Sonny Moneybags (Leininger)

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 The Welcome Mat (Robb)

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32, Hear It Again (London)


Luke 15:11-32 Jesus’ Father (Hyde)

Luke 15:11-32 Expanded Imagination (Entrekin)

Luke 15:11-32 The Parable of the Prodigal Son (McLarty)

Luke 15:11-32 Jesus Tells about a Father (Wigmore)



Sermons for Luke 16


Luke 16:1-13 The Dishonest Manager (Anders)

Luke 16:1-13 It's the Little Things That Count (Wagner)

Luke 16:1-13 A Scandalous Story (Hoffacker)

Luke 16:1-8 The Parable of the Dishonest Manager (McLarty)


Luke 16:19-31 Dying Into Life (Hoffacker)

Luke 16:19-31 Redeem the Present, Insure the Future (Hoffacker)

Luke 16:19-31 Have You Heard About These Two Guys? (Molin)



Sermons for Luke 17


Luke 17:5-10 Warm Hearts, Calloused Hands (Molin)

Luke 17:5-10 More Faith (Kegel)

Luke 17:5-6 Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed (Gerhardy)


Luke 17:11-19 Attitude of Gratitude (Kegel)

Luke 17:11-19 Don't Forget to Say Thank You! (McLarty)

Luke 17:11-19 Dead Men Walking! (Gerhardy)

Luke 17:11-19 Returning Thankfully (Donovan)

Luke 17:11-19 Writing Your Thank You Notes (Hoffacker)

Luke 17:11-19 & Psalm 116:12, The 10% (London)



Sermons for Luke 18


Luke 18:1-8 The Voice of the Widow (Hoffacker)

Luke 18:1-8 Bothering God (Hyde)

Luke 18:1-8 The Squeaky Wheel (Kegel)

Luke 18:1-8 The Unjust Judge and the Persistent Widow (Sylvester)

Luke 18:1 Keep on Praying (Gerhardy)


Luke 18:9-14 Two Ways (Hoffacker)

Luke 18:9-14 From Judgment to Compassion (McLarty)

Luke 18:9-14 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Sylvester)



Sermons for Luke 19


Luke 19:1-10 Those Who Stand Tall (McLarty)

Luke 19:1-10 It's All About the Money (Hyde)

Luke 19:1-10 Saving Stories (Bowen)


Luke 19:28-40 How Can We Sing Hosannas? (Stevenson)

Luke 19:28-40 In the Name of Peace (Wagner)

Luke 19:28-40 Faithful Followers or Fickle Friends (McLarty)

Luke 19:28-40 & 23:13-46, The Agony of Victory/The Triumph of Defeat (London)



Sermons for Luke 20


Luke 20:27-38 God's Novelty (Hoffacker)

Luke 20:27-38 Seven Weddings and a Funeral (Hyde)



Sermons for Luke 21


Luke 21:5-19 A Choice of Temples (Hoffacker)

Luke 21:5-19 Out of the Rubble (McLarty)

Luke 21:10-12, 18-19 Interruptions (Gerhardy)


Luke 21:25-36 Out of the Blue (Molin)

Luke 21:25-36 Head's Up (Leininger)

Luke 21:25-36 Be Alert (Kegel)

Luke 21:25-36 Purple Rain, Purple Reign (London)

Luke 21:25-36 Company's Coming (McLarty)


Luke 21:25-33 Katrina Victims Memorial Service (Wigmore)

See also our Funeral Homilies web page



Sermons for Luke 22


Luke 22:14-28 Walking in Humility (Entrekin)



Sermons for Luke 23


Luke 23:1-49 The Ultimate Removal from Community (Hoffacker)

Luke 23:13-46 & 19:28-40, The Agony of Victory/The Triumph of Defeat (London)


Luke 23:33-43 Leadership on the Cross (Hoffacker)

Luke 23:33-43 Humble Savior, Exalted Lord (McLarty)

Luke 23:33-43 Safe at the End (Gerhardy)



Sermons for Luke 24


Luke 24:1-12 Habeas Corpus (Hyde)

Luke 24:1-12 Hard to Believe (Leininger)

Luke 24:1-12 Just a Stone's Throw to Life (Molin)

Luke 24:1-12 What Does the Empty Tomb Mean? (Brettell)

Luke 24:1-12 He Is Risen! (Gerhardy)

Luke 24:1-12 Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead? (McLarty)

Luke 24:1-12, An Idle Tale? (London)

Luke 24:1-12 The Easter Story (McLarty)


Luke 24:13-35 Christ Alive in the World for Which He Died (Hoffacker)

Luke 24:13-35 A Tradition Like No Other (Molin)

Luke 24:13-35 A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Emmaus (McLarty)

Luke 24:13-35 Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time (Leininger)

Luke 24:13-35 The Christ of the Commonplace (Leininger)

Luke 24:13-35 Scripts of the Exile (Butler)

Luke 24:13-35 Oasis Emmaus (Bedingfield)

Luke 24:13-35, What Things? (London)


Luke 24:36b-48 A Guy with a Body (Hoffacker)

Luke 24:36b-48 Eatin’ Fish with Jesus (Wigmore)

Luke 24:36b-48 The Open Bible (Kegel)

Luke 24:36b-48 Looking Back, Looking Ahead (Wagner)

Luke 24:36b-48 A Glorified Body (McLarty)


Luke 24:49-53 & Acts 1:11 Desire for God (Hoffacker)

Luke 24:50-53 Who Do You Look Up To? (McLarty)