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Hymns for Malachi 4:1-2a

also known as Malachi 3:19-20


NOTE:  There are two systems for numbering the three verses following Malachi 3:18: 


• Some translations follow the Septuagint (Greek language) tradition, which numbers these verses as 3:19-21. 


• Others follow the Hebrew language tradition, which numbers these verses as 4:1-3.





Baptist Hymnal (BH)

Chalice Hymnal (CH)

Collegeville Hymnal (CO)

Common Praise (CP)

Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW)

Gather Comprehensive (GC)

JourneySongs (JS)

Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW)

Lutheran Service Book (LSB)

Lutheran Worship (LW)

Presbyterian Hymnal (PH)

The Faith We Sing (TFWS)

The Hymnal 1982 (TH)

The New Century Hymnal (TNCH)

United Methodist Hymnal (UMH)

Voices United (VU)

With One Voice (WOV)

Wonder Love and Praise (WLP)

Worship & Rejoice (WR)


















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