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Lectionary children's sermons for Matthew, links to Matthew exegesis, Matthew sermons, and Matthew hymns



Children's Sermons: The Gospel of Matthew




Children's Sermons for Matthew 1


Matthew 1:18-25 Finding a Good Job (Edstrom)

Matthew 1:18-25 What's In a Name? (Edstrom)

Matthew 1:18-25 Joseph’s Dream (Klein)

Matthew 1:18-25 We Can't Wait Anymore (Miller)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 2


Matthew 2:1-12 Star Bright, Star Light (Edstrom)

Matthew 2:1-12 I've Got It (Edstrom)

Matthew 2:1-12 Finding Joy (Edstrom)

Matthew 2:1-12 The Light Inside (Edstrom)

Matthew 2:1-12 The Light (Miller)


Matthew 2:13-23 Learning to Be Safe (Edstrom)

Matthew 2:13-23 Why We Obey? (Edstrom)

Matthew 2:13-23 Joseph's Dream (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 3


Matthew 3:1-12 Be a Trailblazer (Edstrom)

Matthew 3:1-12 One More Powerful (Edstrom)

Matthew 3:1-12 John Tells the Truth (Miller)


Matthew 3:13-17 Thank You for Being Who You Are (Edstrom)

Matthew 3:13-17 A Parent's Love (Edstrom)

Matthew 3:13-17 Jesus Surprises John (Miller)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 4


Matthew 4:1-11 Passing the Test (Edstrom)

Matthew 4:1-11 Being Centered (Edstrom)

Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus and Temptation (Klein)


Matthew 4:12-23 Follow Me (Edstrom)

Matthew 4:12-23 Time to Go (Edstrom)

Matthew 4:12-23 Going Fishing! (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 5


Matthew 5:1-12 The Beatitudes (Wuori)

Matthew 5:1-12 Looking Upside Down-1 (Edstrom)

Matthew 5:1-12 Looking Upside Down-2 (Edstrom)


Matthew 5:13-20 Bring Out the Flavor (Edstrom)

Matthew 5:13-20 Shake That Salt (Miller)

Matthew 5:14-16 Light of the World (Klein)

Matthew 5:14-16 We Are Lights (Klein)


Matthew 5:21-37 Mending Our Ways (Edstrom)

Matthew 5:21-37 Making Peace (Edstrom)


Matthew 5:38-48 Don't Follow Along (Edstrom)

Matthew 5:38-48, The Stolen Baseball Glove (Klein)

Matthew 5:38-48 But I Say (Miller)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 6


Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 At the Core (Edstrom)


Matthew 6:24-34 Wanting and Needing (Wuori)

Matthew 6:24-34 Not to Worry (Edstrom)


Matthew 6:25-33 Lilies of the Field (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 7


Matthew 7:21-29 Stronger than Bricks (Wuori)

Matthew 7:21-29 A Firm Foundation (Edstrom)

Matthew 7:21-29 Building a Strong Foundation (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 9


Matthew 9:9-13 Matching Needs with Help (Wuori)

Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26 Have Mercy (Edstrom)

Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26 What We Need (Edstrom)


Matthew 9:35-38 God's New Apostles (Wuori)

Matthew 9:35-38 Jesus Needs Our Help (Miller)

Matthew 9:35-38 Workers Are Few (Klein)

Matthew 9:35 - 10:23 When the Time Is Right (Edstrom)

Matthew 9:35 - 10:23 Share the Good News (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 10


Matthew 10:24-39 It's No Secret (Wuori)

Matthew 10:24-39 Do Not Be Afraid (Edstrom)

Matthew 10:24-39 You Are a Miracle (Edstrom)


Matthew 10:40-42 The Little Things that Matter (Wuori)

Matthew 10:40-42 Welcome! (Edstrom)

Matthew 10:40-42 A Sign of Friendship (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 11


Matthew 11:2-11 How Can You Tell? (Edstrom)

Matthew 11:2-11 With Our Own Eyes (Edstrom)

Matthew 11:2-11 Who Else Is Coming? (Miller)


Matthew 11:16-30 What's Real (Wuori)

Matthew 11:16-30 Working Together (Edstrom)

Matthew 11:16-30 Closeness (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 13


Matthew 13:1-23 Growing Deep Roots (Edstrom)

Matthew 13:1-23 What Lies Below? (Edstrom)

Matthew 13:1-23 Letting It Grow (Wuori)


Matthew 13:24-43 Dealing with Weeds (Edstrom)

Matthew 13:24-43 Planting Good Seed (Edstrom)

Matthew 13:24-43 Living Amongst the Weeds (Wuori)


Matthew 13:31-52 Finding a Keeper (Wuori)

Matthew 13:31-52 The Power of Little Things (Edstrom)

Matthew 13:44-52 The Power of Your Love (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 14


Matthew 14:13-21 It's a Miracle (Edstrom)

Matthew 14:13-21 An Inconvenient Time (Edstrom)

Matthew 14:13-21 All You Need (Wuori)

Matthew 14:13-21 Jesus Feeds the People (Klein)


Matthew 14:22-33 Don't Hide from Fear (Edstrom)

Matthew 14:22-33 A Helping Hand (Edstrom)

Matthew 14:22-33 Stepping Out of the Boat (Wuori)

Matthew 14:22-33 Walking on Water (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 15


Matthew 15:10-28 Fixing Hurts (Edstrom)

Matthew 15:10-28 Out of the Heart (Edstrom)

Matthew 15:10-28 The Words We Speak (Wuori)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 16


Matthew 16:13-20 More Than a Friend (Edstrom)

Matthew 16:13-20 Do You Know Me? (Edstrom)


Matthew 16:21-28 It's Character Building (Edstrom)

Matthew 16:21 -28 It's Not Easy (Edstrom)

Matthew 16:21-28 Being a Follower (Wuori)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 17


Matthew 17:1-9 Listen (Edstrom)

Matthew 17:1-9 A Quiet Place (Edstrom)

Matthew 17:1-9 Jesus' Tranfiguration (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 18


Matthew 18:15-20 Gather Around (Edstrom)

Matthew 18:15-20 A Gathering Place (Edstrom)

Matthew 18:15-20 Being a Problem Solver (Wuori)


Matthew 18:21-35 Be Ready to Forgive (Edstrom)

Matthew 18:21-35 Knowing the Score (Edstrom)

Matthew 18:21-35 Granting Forgiveness (Wuori)

Matthew 18:21-35 The Unforgiving Servant (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 20


Matthew 20:1-16 All of God's Love (Wuori)

Matthew 20:1-16 An Unending Supply (Edstrom)

Matthew 20:1-16 Generosity Everywhere (Edstrom)

Matthew 20:1-16 A Story about Forgiveness (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 21


Matthew 21:1-11 Like an Ordinary Man (Edstrom)

Matthew 21:1-11 A Humble Choice (Edstrom)

Matthew 21:1-11 What's Happening? (Miller)


Matthew 21:23-32 What Do You Think? (Edstrom)

Matthew 21:23-32 Who Is In Charge? (Edstrom)

Matthew 21:23-32 Which One Pleased Jesus? (Klein)


Matthew 21:33-46 Babysitters (Wuori)

Matthew 21:33-46 Fruits of the Kingdom (Edstrom)

Matthew 21:33-46 What Is Expected (Edstrom)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 22


Matthew 22:1-14 God's Invitation (Wuori)

Matthew 22:1-14 Good Intentions (Edstrom)

Matthew 22:1-14 A Personal Invitation (Edstrom)


Matthew 22:15-22 Following Life's Rules (Wuori)

Matthew 22:15-22 Giving Back (Edstrom)

Matthew 22:15-22 Stitched Together (Edstrom)


Matthew 22:34-46 The Golden Rule (Wuori)

Matthew 22:34-46 Giving Your All (Edstrom)

Matthew 22:34-46 Something New (Edstrom)

Matthew 22:34-46 The Most Important Rule (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 23


Matthew 23:1-12 The Right Reason (Edstrom)

Matthew 23:1-12 What Can't Be Seen (Edstrom)

Matthew 23:1-12 Showing Off (Wuori)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 24


Matthew 24:36-44 Be Ready (Edstrom)

Matthew 24:36-44 You Can Count On It (Edstrom)

Matthew 24:36-44 Seasons (Donovan)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 25


Matthew 25:1-13 Blessings of Surprise (Edstrom)

Matthew 25:1-13 Don't Miss the Blessing (Edstrom)

Matthew 25:1-13 Being Ready (Wuori)

Matthew 25:1-13 Bridesmaids Who Weren't Ready (Klein)


Matthew 25:14-30 Share Your Talent (Edstrom)

Matthew 25:14-30 The Shape of Your Life (Edstrom)

Matthew 25:14-30 Making the Most of God's Gifts (Wuori)


Matthew 25:31-46 Meeting Needs (Edstrom)

Matthew 25:31-46 Sharing God's Love (Edstrom)

Matthew 25:31-46 Christ the King (Wuori)

Matthew 25:31-46 Are you a Sheep or a Goat? (Klein)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 26


Matthew 26:14-29 Doing Wrong and Doing Right (Miller)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 27


Matthew 27:11-54 What Does It Mean? (Edstrom)


Matthew 27:50-54 Jesus' Work Is Done (Wuori)


Children's Sermons for Matthew 28


Matthew 28:1-10 New Beginnings (Edstrom)

Matthew 28:1-10 What We Don't Expect (Edstrom)

Matthew 28:1-10 A Visit to the Cemetery (Klein)

Matthew 28:1-10 One after Another (Donovan)


Matthew 28:16-20 Teaching God's Love (Wuori)

Matthew 28:16-20 Being a Disciple (Edstrom)

Matthew 28:16-20 Something to Talk About (Edstrom)